Issue 74

Issue 74 coverFresh thinking about morality, love, the existence of god, poetry, metaphysics, free-market existentialism, the meaning of Brexit, book reviews and much else besides in the new issue of The Philosophers’ Magazine.


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Exact Editions

Issue 74 Contents

5 - Editorial James Garvey
6 - Summer News Charlotte Knowles

9 - The Art of Making What Was Once Clear More Obscure Tom Quinn

13 - The Five Parameters Phil Hutchinson
19 - The Ethics of Later Abortion F. M. Kamm
22 - The Skeptic: Evidence Schmevidence Wendy M. Grossman
24 - Brexit Veronique Munoz-Darde

27 - War and Morality Larry May
34 - Does Moral Rightness Come in Degrees? Martin Peterson
39 - The Death of Moritz Schlick Karl Egerton
45 - You Bet Your Life Justin C. Fisher
50 - The Thinkers Next Door Peter Adamson
56 - A Puzzle of Poetic Expression John Gibson
63 - Snapshot: Mary Astell Jacqueline Broad

66 - Art-Rap, German Idealism and Therapy John Preston interviews milo

The Forum:
What is Metaphysics?
70 - Introduction James Garvey
71 - Discerning the Structure of Reality Naomi Thompson
76 - Is Metaphysics and Emotional Matter? Robin Le Poidevin
82 - Metaphysics as Mish-Mash Meghan Sullivan
86 - The Scientific Inquisition Tuomas E. Tahko
90 - The Question of Metaphysics Jessica Wilson
97 - Exchange: Epicurean and Stoic Philosophy David Konstan and Catherine Wilson
104 - Deprivation, Lament and Death Stephen J. Sullivan

The Reviews
108 - Can You Love Food? Jean Kazez
110 - Puzzling Identities by Vincent Descombes Georgia Warnke
112 - The Course of Love: A Novel by Alain de Botton Skye C. Cleary
114 - One Child: Do We Have a Right to More? by Sarah Conly Jamie Lindermann Nelson
116 - The Free Market Existentialist by William Irwin Kirsten Egerstom
118 - Campus Rumpus Benedict March