Issue 70

tpm coverWhy would an atheist spend two decades writing a commentary on the Bible? How should we think about pain when confronted by people who honestly say their pains don’t hurt? How does science get at the truth if all it can do is prove hypotheses wrong, never right? Is it really better to have loved and lost? Find out in this issue.


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Issue 70 Contents

4 - From the editor

6 - Rawls' greatest hits
9 - Mediawatch

10 - Healthcare Phil Hutchinson and Rupert Read
18 - In focus: same sex marriage
      The power of definition Douglas Walton and Fabizo Macagno
      The meaning of marriage John Corvino
25 - Going clear Wendy Grossman

27 - Philosophical dialogues Timothy Williamson
34 - Pains that don't hurt David Bain
42 - Are scientific theories true? Paul Dicken
49 - The ethics of defensive killing? Helen Frowe
55 - An atheist's Bible study Matthew H Kramer
60 - Snapshot: Stanley Fish Michael Robertson

Forum: Love
66 - Irrational love Berit Brogaard
72 - Our children, our selves Jean Kazez
79 - Love as religion Simon May
86 - Being loved for who you are Tony Milligan
93 - Unrequited love Jeremy Stangroom
100 - Kinds of love Mark Vernon

107 - Meeting Caitlyn Jean Kazez

110 - Patricia Illingworth on Peter Singer's The Most Good You Can Do
112 - Andrea C Westlund on Hilde Lindemann's Holding and Letting Go
114 - Kirk Ludwig on John Searle's Seeing Things As They Are
117 - Film: Margaret Betz on Woody Allen's Irrational Man

119 - What the critics said A M Ferner