Philosophy Games

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Battleground God - Do your beliefs about religion and god stand up to philosophical scrutiny?

Should You Kill the Fat Man? - Can you successfully negotiate the tricky terrain of the Trolley Problem?

Should You Kill the Backpacker? - More fun with the Trolley Problem.

Philosophical Health Test - Are there tensions in your philosophical and moral beliefs?

Valid or Invalid? - Can you determine whether a simple arguement is valid or not?

Talking with God - The Euthyphro Dilemma

Staying Alive - Can you survive in this game of personal identity?

Whose Body Is It Anyway? - Bodily autonomy and J. J. Thomson's "famous violinist" thought experiment.

But You'll Regret It In the Morning - The ethics of consent.

Elementary, My Dear Wason - Can you pass this simple test of logic (most people can't!)?

Morality Play - How parsimonious is your moral framework?

Peter Singer & the Drowning Child - Would you save a helpless child? Really?

The Envelope & the Vintage Sedan - Are you obligated to give up your car to save a life?

Get That Chip Out of My Head - How free are you?

Would You Eat Your Cat? - Ethics and the "Yuk Factor"

In the Face of Death - Are normal moral standards suspended in extreme circumstances?

You're Being Tortured in the Morning - Who is it that suffers when your body, but not your mind, is tortured?


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